Syneron Candela eLase Hair Removal Laser Machine

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Syneron Candela eLase Hair Removal Laser Machine

The eLase diode laser platform can create a variety of skin and hair surfaces. It uses the Motif LHR hair removal tool to treat any kind of skin while the Motif IR applicator is used to get skin textures to relax and stay in control while pores can be reduced in size to keep the skin healthy while also reducing the necessary downtime after the procedure is done.


Syneron’s unique and proprietary elōs (electro-optical synergy) technology cleverly solves this problem by combining bipolar radiofrequency with optical (laser or pulsed light) energies, providing deep dermal penetration for a more effective treatment than with optical energy alone. The optimal synergy of these energies allows for the optical fluence to be lowered significantly, not only resulting in an enhanced clinical efficacy, but also in safer and more comfortable treatments.

eLase with Motif 
  • Fast, Pain Free Hair Removal
  • Highly Effective
  • Safe on All Skin Types
  • Increased selectivity

Syneron and Candela are recognised as been one of the leading authorities on lasers as well as being one of the top 5 laser brands on the market today; together with Fotona, Alma, Lumenis and Cynosure.

Syneron and Candela are leaders in innovative, safe and effective laser equipment. With their global position in the market, Syneron and Candela are ideally placed in the launch of new and exciting technologies.

The Syneron brand provide a range of intense pulsed light and diode laser systems some of which are listed below. Syneron also has systems for the body contouring marketing such as Velashape and Ultrashape and the fractional Co2 listed laser Co2RE for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.

Syneron Candela eLase Hair Removal Laser Machine

Candela deals with the laser side of the market with leading models such as Gentlemax and VBeam as well as tattoo removal laser.


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