Sirona Cerec inlab MC XL

$ 7.900

Products are used , in great technical condition. Mill was cleaned , it calibrates without any issues , machine passes all service test and its parameters are within the norm. Mill time does not represent actual state , because motherboard was replaced.Product is covered by 1-year remote IT support for software installed on day of shipment. Product has natural features of use that will not interfere with exploitation (scratches, dents ). All images are property of dentaltechnika , images are representation of the actual state.

Sirona Cerec inlab MC XL

The inLab MC XL milling and grinding unit opens up the widest possible range of production options for your dental laboratory. You profit from high speed and precision. You can switch from grinding to milling in just a few simple steps. And thanks to the large milling volume and broad spectrum of applications, you will reap substantial economic benefits.

Sirona Cerec inlab MCXL Flexible and efficient

inLab MC XL is the fast wet milling and grinding unit with many production options for your dental laboratory. You benefit from high speed and precision and can switch from grinding to milling in just a few steps. The large selection of materials and many uses give you particularly flexible and efficient production options.

inLab high-speed grinding

Glass- and hybrid ceramic restorations can be produced at a previously unachievable speed with simultaneous double four-axis processing. A fully contoured Celtra Duo crown takes less than 10 minutes. This is a key success factor for potential new business models that can call for providing digital impression orders within an hour.

Sirona Cerec inlab MCXL Precision processing

The inLab MC XL is characterized by precise wet machining. Especially when processing glass ceramics, the grinders used can be as small as 0.6 mm — for restorations with maximum detail in the occlusal and interproximal areas and at the preparation margin.

Wide selection of materials

As with all CAD/CAM production units from Dentsply Sirona, inLab MC XL lets you benefit from a the large selection of materials. Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM materials and those of our material partners are optimally adapted for high-speed processing.

Sirona Cerec inlab MC XL

Mill: Sirona inLAB MCXL
4-axis ,2 motor mill
Installed software: InLAB CAM 16.2
milling based on STL files
USB Licence Key: InLAB CAM
operating system:
Windows 7 Professional
Processor: INTEL XEON Cpu E3-1280 v3 3.60 GHz
Graphics card: Nvdia Quadro K1200
Drives:  1,73 TB
RAM memory: 16 GB
Equipment: Monitor , keyboard , mouse , power cord ,
calibration set


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