Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20E defibrillator/monitor

$ 2.750

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20E defibrillator/monitor

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20E defibrillator/monitor

Units include appropriate patient accessories by configuration and are patient ready.

Purchase Includes:

Physio Control Lifepak 20 w/ appropriate configuration
Hospital Grade Power Cord
3-Lead ECG Cable
Quik Combo Cable
SpO2 Sensor (with SpO2 models)
Test Plug
New Battery
Set of Adult Pads
Operators Manual
3 Year Warranty

Versatile Emergency Response

  • BLS and ALS Ready  –  the LIFEPAK 20e is made to easily switch between AED and manual modes so that any personnel on staff during an emergency can respond quickly and provide lifesaving treatment. BLS teams can begin early defibrillation before resuscitation teams arrive.
  • Consistent Interface  –  responders who have used the LIFEPAK 12 or LIFEPAK 15 before won’t have any trouble using the LIFEPAK 20e since all these units use standardized, clear user interfaces.
  • LIFEPAK TOUGH  –  the compact yet sturdy design allows this unit to go wherever the emergency takes it during patient response and transport. The LIFEPAK 20e fits great on crash carts, stretchers, and beds. Its resistant to shocks and drops, and is easily cleaned. And just like every LIFEPAK device produced, the LIFEPAK 20e comes from a lineage of the industry’s most trusted and dependable equipment, built for the hight quality patient care.
  • Advanced Monitoring  –  capnography, ECG (3 or 5 wire), noninvasive pacing, pulse oximetry.
  • Manual Defibrillation  –  provides ALS users with normal operating capabilities including manual mode energy selections up to 360 joules, synchronized cardioversion, and pacing, with ECG waveforms being displayed on the screen.

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 20E

Dynamic Capabilities At Your Fingertips

  • AED Mode  –  this configuration is made to help BLS teams deliver quick patient care during emergencies, the LIFEPAK 20e comes with AED mode features that guide the rescue process for those who may not be as familiar with using a manual full feature defibrillator.
    • CPR Metronome  –  while responders are performing CPR, the LIFEPAK 20e will use a metronome to steer rescuers to delivering compressions at the correct ERC guideline rate of 100/minute.
    • Visual Prompts  –  in AED mode, the user can select to display ECG waveforms and/or visual AED prompts. The AED prompts guide the user through the rescue process using easy to follow graphics, for example, an image showing where to place the electrodes.
    • Device Readiness  –  the LIFEPAK 20e has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery with a battery status indicator, and connects to AC power. There is also a fully-charged internal backup battery that provides additional runtime before shutting down. The LIFEPAK 20e also runs daily self-check tests, letting you know your device is always ready for the call.
  • Code Management Module  –  is an optional component made to improve data transmission. It wirelessly transmits device data for easier device readiness monitoring, and transmits patient data for post-event review.
  • Defibrillation Type  –  equipped with escalating biphasic energy up to 360 joules, the LIFEPAK 20e aims to provide a full range of patient therapy. If an initial shock is ineffective, the LIFEPAK 20e won’t repeat the same failed shock, it will increase the energy level of each subsequent shock since every patient may not respond to the same shock level.


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