Nidek OPD-Scan III Corneal Analyzer

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OPD-Scan III: A Five-in-One Workstation

Nidek OPD-Scan III Corneal Analyzer

The device is a five-in-one workstation, combining wavefront aberrometry, corneal topography, autokeratometry (for keratometry [K] readings), autorefractometry, and pupillometry. The wavefront aberrometer provides assessment of visual acuity and quality of vision that goes beyond standard refraction and keratometric data. The 9.5-mm diameter wavefront ensures complete coverage of almost any pupil. Data are gathered from 2,520 points, 175% the number of points measured by the OPD-Scan II, thereby significantly increasing measurement accuracy and spatial resolution, according to the company. Information from the aberrometer can be used to create simulated retinal contrast acuity sensitivity and visual charts that provide objective quantification of visual clarity.

Features Nidek OPD-Scan III Corneal Analyzer

  • Five-in-One true refractive workstation for all practitioners
  • Overview summary for optimal clinical decisions
  • A number of summaries
  • Wider measurement area
  • Greater topography resolution, blue placido rings

The OPD-Scan lll is the Five-in-One true refractive workstation combining

  • Wavefront Aberrometer
  • Topographer
  • Auto Refractometer
  • Auto Keratometer
  • Pupillometer and Pupillographer

Next Generation of Refractive Eye Care

The unique OPD-Scan III is an advanced vision assessment system that combines topography, wavefront, automated refractor, keratometry, and pupillometry.

Accurate Diagnostics

Over 20 diagnostic measurements are acquired in 10 seconds. Easy alignment and automatic capture of data ensures accurate readings. Wavefront data is gathered from available zones up to a 9.5mm area, adding the capability to provide for calculation of mesopic refractions. Blue light, 33 ring, placido disc topography is gathered in one second.

Data View Options

Axial, gradient, instantaneous, numeric K display, numeric power display, PSF (point spread function), zernike graph (including corneal), contact lens summary, VA-ETDRS simulations, internal OPD, eye image, comparison maps, and difference maps.

Unique Features

Cataract and refractive surgeries have now been taken to another dimension. Detailed patient summaries are available in just a matter of seconds. Pre-op toric axis alignment can be mapped to iris or other physical landmark positons. Retro illumination images can be used post-op to verify IOL axis alignment.


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