MyRay X-Pod Portable Digital X-Ray Imaging

$ 2.250

MyRay X-Pod Portable Digital X-Ray Imaging


The X-Pod with a wireless digital system which allows you to instantly collect crystal clear radiographs, review them and zoom high resolution images on an integrated wide screen.
  • Lithium-polymer battery
  • Charge up overnight
  • Secure digital memory card
  • Hot-plug for small and large MyRay sensors

• Handheld dimensions: 142 x 83 x 31 mm / 5.6 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches

• Handheld weight: 0.38 Kg / 0.8 lbs

• Display size: 95 x 54 mm / 4.3 inches diagonal

• Display color performance: 16.7 Million colors, 500 cd/m2 Backlit, Anti-glare Coating

• PC interface: USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, SD / SDHC card

• Power supply: 5 VDC, 500 mA (USB) / 9 VDC, 1.5 A (Fast Charger)

• 3 year warranty

MyRay X-Pod, the new pocketsize medical device created by MyRay, provides instant diagnostic quality radiographic images on a handheld wireless device. MyRay gladly presents the X- Pod, pocket-size invigorating gadget, fit for moment indicative quality radiographic pictures in the palm of your hand.

The MyRay X-Pod works remain solitary or associated with a PC, and you choose whether or not to securely store pictures on a memory card or offer them utilizing the Bluetooth or the USB.

MyRay X-Pod is the best pocket size restorative gadget

MyRay X-Pod includes the most recent age of intraoral sensors, with slight external packaging and with chamfered edges and adjusted corners’-case, the new pocket-sized therapeutic gadget made by MyRay, gives moment demonstrative quality radiographic pictures on a handheld remote device.

Self-diagnostics my beam MyRay X-Pod can basically stroll into the working room and promptly pull back radiographs completely clear. Update and zoom of high-goals pictures on an excellent touchscreen show still pocket. No compelling reason to stress over outer power supply, links, programming, or a PC.

Leave MyRay X-Pod to charge medium-term and win self-sufficiency for a whole day by lithium polymer battery. Sensors of the most recent age X- Pod includes the latest age of intraoral sensors, with ergonomic plan and quality, worked to last.

Smooth edges and adjusted corners make it simple intraoral situating, sparing time and keeping away from the inconvenience of the patient. 3-layer innovation including a fiber optic plate holds the goals of the pictures and shields the sensor from direct X- Pod entrance. 2 Bluetooth remote availability permits quick picture exchange to your PC just, genuinely regarding patient security.

Why MyRay X-Pod  is best Wireless Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor:

Here some essential reasons are given; they demonstrate that my beam x-case is the best dental scanner:

  • Independent diagnostics: X- Pod enables you to gather completely clear radiographs. Audit and zoom the high goals pictures on a full yet pocket size touchscreen show and don’t stress over outside power supply, wires, programming, or a PC. X- Pod consolidates them all. Leave X-case on charge medium-term and get an entire day’s self-sufficiency from the lithium-polymer battery.
  • Remote Digital System: X- Pod, the new pocket-sized medicinal gadget made by MyRay, gives moment indicative quality radiographic pictures on a handheld device.
  • Worked to last, made to feel good: X- Pod includes the most recent age of intraoral sensors, with flimsy external packaging and with chamfered edges and adjusted corners. Fixed and fluid verification, the sensor has a solidified external packaging and a strengthened link connection. X- Pod consolidates a hot-plug for little and vast MyRay sensors, a quick USB port for helpful information sharing and Bluetooth impedance free remote availability.
  • Remote connectivity: Bluetooth 2 is the generally embraced remote correspondence innovation that takes into account quick picture exchange to your PC just, really regarding patient security. The MyRay licensed obstruction free execution makes it significantly progressively stable and safe. Once on your PC, utilize the imaging programming of your decision to mount pictures in full-mouth formats.

Key Features:

  • HD images and a hand-held processing
    The powerful X-pod software features several advanced functions (calibration, measurement, filtering, dentition chart, rotation, patient records) with a user-friendly graphical interface to store and process images directly on the device, without any PC connection requirements.
  • Self-sufficiency and portability 
    X-pod is compact, pocket-sized, portable, and with extra long battery power. The images are saved and organized in folders for each patient, stored on the removable Secure Digital memory card.
  • Optimal workflow 
    Transfer and quickly synchronize data on the iRYS database of your PC via the USB cable at the end of the day, or instantly via Bluetooth.


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