Medit Solutionix D500 Dental 3D Scanner

$ 7.700

Solutionix D500 3D Scanner is precise, flexible and convenient

Medit Solutionix D500 3D Dental Scanner

The Medit Solutionix D500 is a professional 3D scanner made by Medit, a manufacturer from South Korea. This 3D scanner uses blue LED technology to capture objects in 3D. It is an upgrade of the REXCAN DS3.

The Solutionix D500 targets industrials as well as non-industrial users that require 3D scanning small objects with high detail. Applications may range from 3D scanning jewelry to capturing cultural artifacts.

This 3D scanner features automatic 3D scanning: users simply need to place the object inside the 3D scanner. The 3D scanner automatically scans the object from multiple angles.

The Solutionix D500 is a professional 3D scanner system specifically designed to scan small objects. Capture complex shapes that require fine details to be scanned with utmost precision.

• Quality and speed scanning for small objects

• Advanced, precise color texture


• Solutionix D500

• Calibration panel

• Half block jig (2 each)

• Pin jig

• Screw jig

• Gum jig

• USB cable

• Power cable and adapter

• Blue tack

• USB (install guide)

Quality and Speed 3D scanning for small object

Solutionix D500 is a tool created to scan small models in a completely automated way.
The technical specifications of the D500 scanner are calculated to meet the high level of detail required by both industrial and non-industrial applications such as jewelry, cultural artifacts and

The process Medit Solutionix D500 3D Dental Scanner

  • Position the object and start the scanning process
  • The object is automatically captured form different direction in order to achieve the whole profile of complex shapes
  • At the end of the procedure you will have a triangle mesh (.STL .OBJ) that can be imported to CAD-CAM systems.

Advanced precise color texture

The latest technology captures vivid color texture in scan data without the need for an additional color camera. Users can select the data processing method depending on the color of object to be scanned.

Medit Solutionix D500 3D Dental Scanner


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