KaVo IXS Digital Intraoral Sensors

$ 2.770

The dependable imaging solution for patient-centric practices.

KaVo IXS Digital Intraoral Sensors

KaVo IXS is the new and improved Gendex . Built upon decades of success with Gendex sensors, KaVo IXS is everything you have grown to rely on in a sensor plus more*. Easily produce diagnostic quality images with improved contrast, less noise, and greater dose flexibility.

Enjoy enhanced robust engineering and automated technology.

  • KaVo IXS is three times more resistant to damage or functional failure than Gendex GXS-700.
  • KaVo IXS handles double the biteforce without cosmetic damage than Gendex GXS-700.
  • KaVo IXS includes SimplySmart has smart IoT capabilities such as direct-download calibration files, automated software updates, and proactive sensor health monitoring.

Open Integration

We designed KaVo IXS to easily integrate with the imaging software or practice management system your practice is already using. Use KaVo IXS directly with many of the most popular software platforms without any bridge or additional software purchases.

Seamlessly integrate KaVo IXS with:

  • DTX Studio™ Clinic, one integrated ecosystem connecting treatments from beginning to end
  • DEXIS™, VixWin™, CLINIVIEW™, Eaglesoft Advanced Imaging, Dentrix Ascend, Adstra, Apteryx, MiPACS, Curve Dental, CADIA and Optium.  More integrations coming soon.

Imaging solution for patient-centric practices

Like Gendex GXS-700, KaVo IXS sensors have open architecture software capabilities. Seamlessly integrate KaVo IXS, without the need for a bridge or any additional modules, into the most popular imaging and practice management software, such as DTX Studio, DEXIS, VixWin, Cliniview, Dentrix Ascend, Eaglesoft Advanced Imaging, and Apteryx.

KaVo IXS also includes automatic software updates, direct-download calibration files inside the sensor, and IoT capabilities for proactive sensor health monitoring.

With exceptional image quality, two ergonomically designed sizes, and a no-questions-asked, unconditional replacement warranty, KaVo IXS is guaranteed quality.

The new KaVo IXS digital intraoral X-ray sensors are the dependable imaging solution for patient-minded practices. Backed by a long-standing commitment to quality, KaVo IXS sensors are engineered at the highest standards for product testing, integrity, and reliability.

Clinicians can experience the following benefits when choosing KaVo IXS for their practice*:

  • KaVoTough Durability
  • KaVo IXS digital intraoral X-ray sensors work hard for you so you can focus on your patients. Featuring impact-resistant housing and industry-leading bite force, KaVo IXS is proven to withstand heavy physical use.
  • KaVo SimplySmart Technology
  • Packed with intuitive SimplySmart innovations, KaVo IXS makes reliable, durable sensor technology readily available and easy to use. With KaVo Connect technical support and KaVo Software Manager, maintaining and servicing your sensor has never been more seamless.
  • KaVo RiteSize Design
  • With two sensor sizes to choose from—size 1 and size 2— KaVo IXS is customizable to adult patients, children, patients with tori, and more.

New and Improved GENDEX

KaVo IXS sensors also surpass low-cost sensors in image clarity, sharpness, and detail—often at lower exposure settings. Delivering crisp, clear images, KaVo IXS helps you to provide confident, accurate diagnoses to your patients.

KaVo IXS also includes an unconditional warranty with all purchases. Covered by the KaVo Complete premium coverage tier during the first year of ownership, this unique warranty includes:

  • No-charge, next-day replacements for performance issues — no questions asked
  • Unlimited telephone and remote online technical assistance
  • Automated software updates
  • Online technical support

KaVo IXS size 1 and size 2 sensors feature KaVoTough engineering in both the sensor and the cable, which were tested to surpass Gendex GXS-700 sensors in both strength and durability, as compared to Gendez GXS-700 simulated testing data on file, according to the company. KaVo IXS also includes automatic software updates, direct-download calibration files inside the sensor, and IoT capabilities for proactive sensor health monitoring.

Size 1 Sensor Size 2 Sensor
Dimensions 1539 X 1026 px 1842 X 1324 px
Resolution Theoretical: 25.6 lp/mm
Visible: 20+ lp/mm
Theoretical: 25.6 lp/mm
Visible: 20+ lp/mm
USB Port USB 2.0 I USB 3.x USB 2.0 I USB 3.x
Cable Length/ Diameter 3 m/3 mm  3 m/3 mm
Cabler Material Kevlar Reinforced Kevlar Reinforced
Driver KaVo_lO-Sensor 1.5 or Higher KaVo_lO-Sensor 1.5 or Higher
Sensor Technology Enhanced CMOS (Csl Scintillator + Optical Fibers); (1026 x 1539) Enhanced CMOS (Csl Scintillator + Optical Fibers); (1324 x 1842)
Mfg. Warranty 1 Year, Unconditional 1 Year, Unconditional
IoT Connectivity Device Health Monitoring, Automatic SW Updates Device Health Monitoring, Automatic SW Updates
Device Protection/ Safe Guards Over Current, Over Voltage, Low Power Over Current, Over Voltage, Low Power


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