Huvitz HRK-8000A Auto Refractor Keratometer

$ 5.220

The Huvitz Auto Refractor HRK-8000A offers the world’s first contact lens fitting function in an auto refractor / keratometer. The HRK-8000A enables you to see fluorescein liquid with blue illumination then analyzes and simulate the lens fitting status with automatic calculation and recommendation. The auto refractor/ keratometer utilizes joystick control with one-touch locking and automatic 3 dimensional eye tracking for fast and accurate measurement.

Huvitz HRK-8000A Auto Refractor Keratometer

Auto Refractor/Keratometer Features

  • Optimized Wavefront Technology
  • Hartman-Shack Micro-Lenslet Array
  • Customized Lens Manufacturing
  • Graphical Zernike Refraction Map
  • PSF & Image Simulation
  • Peripheral Keratometry Measurement
  • Ultra High Precision KER Data
  • Contact Lens Fitting Assistance Guide
  • Auto Eye Tracking
  • Animated On-Screen Guide
  • Vision Comparison Function
  • Auto-Cut Printer
  • Network Connectivity

Huvitz Wavefront Technology


Unlike many conventional diagnostic devices, the HRK-8000A Auto Refractor / Keratometer is based on Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor, which analyzes many focal spots of a light wavefront. It has the ability to measure not just the basic refraction error of a customer, but to obtain a spatially resolved refraction map.

The Huvitz HRK-8000A auto refractor/keratometer utilizes a unique wavefront analysis algorithm and surpasses conventional and simple refraction. This ophthalmic equipment offers added values with high order aberration data output for customized lenses and observation of patients before and after refractive surgery.


  • Color screen movable touch. 7-inch LCD touchscreen, bright and contrast. The resulting image has a high resolution. The tilt of the monitor can be adjusted, which allows the resulting image to be independent of the viewing angle.
  • The measurement speed is very high, in comparison with other similar devices.
  • The printer is quiet and fast. The thermal printer is automatic, with the function of auto-cutting paper. A new advantage of the autorefkeratometer is the replacement of paper in one motion.
  • When measuring aberrations, getting more data. HRK-8000A has the ability to measure fourth-order aberrations, which so far has been available only to wavefront aberrometers. Based on the obtained data, a high and low order graphical Zernike refraction map is constructed, which gives a more complete picture of the eye condition of the patient under study, and allows you to prescribe the best and most accurate treatment.
  • The modes – color and landing contact lenses. Using the full-color camera used in this device, you can see what was previously possible only with the help of a slit lamp: the eye, contact lens and its landing. The HRK-8000A autorefkeratometer for the first time in the world applied contact lens landing mode using color filters and a fluorescent solution.
  • Contact lens fit and necessary curvature are measured and analyzed automatically.
  • 3D auto search. The device can move in three planes, and also has an ultra-sensitive sensor. This gives him the opportunity to automatically find the focus of the eye and take the necessary measurements.


Measuring modes K/R Mode Refractory keratometer mode
REF Mode Refractometric mode
KER Mode Keratometer mode
CLBC Mode Measuring mode of basic CL curvature
KER P Mode Keratoperiphery mode
Color View Mode Colour inspection and contact lens fit control mode
Refractometry Vertex distance (VD) 0.0,12.0,13.5,15.0
Sphere(SPH) -30.00~+25.00(VD-12)(Step: 0.01,0.12,0.25)
Cylinder 0.00±10.00 (Step: 0.01,0.12,0.25)
Axis 0-180˚ (step 1˚)
Cylinder shape -,+,±
Center-to-centre distance (PD) 10~85mm.
Min. pupil diameter 2.0mm.
Keratometry Radius of curvature 5.0~13mm: 0.01)
Corneal power 25.96~67.50D: 0.01,0.12,0.25)
(at the equivalent of the cornea to the refractive index 1.3375)
Corneal astigmatism 0~15.00D: 0.05,0.12,0.25)
Axis 0-180˚ (step 1˚)
Pupil diameter, irises 2.00~14.00 (Step: 0.1mm)
Memory 10 latest measurements for each eye
Other Screen 7 inch LCD touch screen with tilting function
Built-in printer Thermal printer with auto-cutting
Energy Saving Auto Power Off (5min)
Power supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 60W
Dimensions/mass 262x518x441mm / 20.9kg


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