EUROMI EVA SP6 Lipomatic Liposuction Unit

$ 14.800

EVA sp6 is composed by a control box (with an entirely digitalized display) regulating the compressed air supply to the Evamatic which allows the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, a high-speed aspirator and a quantitative infiltration system. EVA sp6 is a complete system. The quantitative infiltration system allows to control precisely the infiltrated quantity in different predefined zones. The system of pistons ensures an homogeneous infiltration at a constant pressure, whatever the type of fat, even fibrous.

Evamatic handpiece
Digitalized control box
High-speed aspirator
Quantitative infiltration system
Complete set of cannulas

{tab Advantages}

Shorter operative time and shorter post-operative recovery
Less tiring and more precise work
Treatment of all the zones of the body
Reduction of the pain
Reduction of the complications occurring with other techniques (manual or assisted)
Constant, deep, homogeneous and controlled infiltration, whatever the type of fat

Accessories :

infiltration cannulas
aspiration cannulas
air tubings
fat tubings
perfusion lines
infiltration tubings 2 baxters
3L canisters
canister jars


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