Essilor Mr Blue 2.0 Lens Edgers

$ 8.650

Mr. Blue is on the cutting edge of innovation – serving as a genuine ECP partner since its launch.Now featuring a whole range of new functions and even greater flexibility than before, Mr. Blue 2.0 is the perfect solution for: Working with cutting edge technology, Differentiating your offerings, Optimizing your edging process.

Maximum flexibility in processes and configurations

  • Processes are optimized for high productivity and uncompromising quality regardless of materials, coatings, shapes, or finishes.
  • Mr. Blue 2.0 displays the remaining cycle time maximizing efficiency in your finishing area.
  • With Essibox, Mr. Blue 2.0 easily interfaces with other software and equipment in your practice. Data never has to be entered more than once.
  • It can also be used with a wide range of tools for archiving shapes or planning work – for just a single store or across several sites.
  • All Mr. Blue 2.0 and Mr. Orange components can be combined to design the configuration that best meets your requirements.

More than any other premium system on the market, Mr Blue is the ideal partner of modern workshops. It delivers unmatched functionality to glaze all jobs at the highest possible standards and pushes forwards ergonomics and automation for even easier workshop process.
Hybrid platform for wet and dry process.
High base curve management (up to base 9).
Full automatic centring ang blocking.
Unique milling function for total axis control.
Intuitive navigation and latest generation touch interface.


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