DM ScanBox Dental Scanner

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DM ScanBox Dental Monitoring


Minimum order quantity 100 units

DM ScanBox Dental Scanner

The device connects to a patient’s smartphone, captures images and sends them to an orthodontist thereby taking the hassle of going to a dentist’s office to straighten teeth among other things.

Sizing guide for DM Cheek Retractor
Everyone is different, and there is no golden rule, but here are some basic guidelines to help you make the right choice:
L = Adults.
M = Teenagers and adults.
S = Kids.
You know best when it comes to the size of your own mouth, so adjust your choice accordingly.

DM ScanBox Dental Scanner Purchase includes:
One DM ScanBox, its protective box, travel pouch and instructions for use.
One DM Cheek Retractor with metallic inserts, its sleeve and instructions for use.

the scanbox by dental monitoring features an artificial intelligence engine that analyses a wide range of oral, dental and orthodontic conditions within minutes. the generated report provides an objective assessment and helps build instant trust between patient and practice. this report is both informative and easy-to-understand, enabling doctors to effectively communicate the value of treatment.

to use it, just place your smartphone on the scanbox, download the SmileMate app and let the device do its work in just one minute. the AI analyzes the screening and generates the comprehensive report which is made available within minutes.

DM ScanBox Dental Scanner system is able to remotely track your orthodontic treatment. The App features a number of useful resources; you can review your past photos, replay your treatment evolution, and so much more! While using DM there is less chance for unexpected situations to occur, it adapts the aligner changes to biological response, there is better communication with the practice and we will finally be able to reward your dedicated compliance.

The logistics are simple:

  1. We will instruct you on how to use the DM App.
  2. Every 5 days you will scan your teeth using a smartphone camera.
  3. A notification will then will arrive. “GO” means everything is tracking and you are ready to switch to your next aligner. “NO-GO”, means you need to wear your existing tray for an additional day or two and then rescan.


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