Dentsply Sirona Schick AE Digital Dental Sensors

$ 2.750

The Schick AE sensor combines the proven resolution of 33 lp/mm* with innovative filtering functions that provide even better contrast for indications, such as caries and endodontic cases.

Sirona Schick AE Digital Dental Sensors

Schick AE

The highest-rated intraoral image quality and  diagnostic capability, and comes with an in-office exchangeable cable.

Clinician preferred for diagnostic excellence

Schick AE outshines the competition with its enhanced diagnostics, ease of use and robust durability. With optimized data read-out and exclusive innovative filtering functions to maximize the diagnostic potential, you get superior image quality to support your diagnosis. Which is why 85% of dentists prefer Schick AE’s image quality and diagnostic capabilities when compared to Kavo Kerr’s portfolio.1  And by enabling patient-centered experiences, greater practice efficiency, and the opportunity for procedural expansion, it’s an integral partner in helping you build a successful practice and provide more healthy smiles.

Benefits at a glance Sirona Schick AE Digital Dental Sensors

Your Schick intraoral sensors may quickly become your favorite tools to work with – efficiently and seamlessly integrating into your workflow. The advantages they bring to your practice are endless.

Superior image quality with dedicated diagnostic filtering

Schick AE provides a theoretical resolution of 33 lp/mm and a 15 μm pixel size. In combination with dedicated filters and the enhanced dynamic range, supporting consistent image quality, you get superior X-rays to support your diagnosis.

Robust design and security of investment

Premium materials, high-standard production processes and a durable design equipped with an ultrasonically welded sensor can, a coated cable and an additional replacement cable, have been engineered and tested to withstand years of regular daily use ensuring a long product life cycle.

In-Office replaceable cable technology Sirona Schick AE Digital Dental Sensors

All sensors use reinforced, silicon coated replaceable cable technology. Available in 3 ft., 6 ft. and 9 ft. to fit your unique operatory needs.

Multiple options to fit to your practice needs

3 sensor sizes, 3 cables lengths, and USB connectivity – the modular design allows for true customization of your sensors to fit your individual needs and practice requirements.

Improved USB data transfer

The use of Schick AE sensors in combination with the new USB 3 interface allows for accelerated information read-out and optimized data transfer. Protected connection plugs provide additional durability in daily practice use.

Sirona Schick AE Digital Dental Sensors


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