Dentsply Sirona CEREC SpeedFire Furnace

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Sirona CEREC SpeedFire Furnace

Sirona Dental recently introduced CEREC Zirconia and the CEREC SpeedFire furnace, a combination that enables dentists who prefer zirconia restorations to provide crowns and bridges to their patients in one visit for the first time.

CEREC Zirconia and the SpeedFire furnace bring many workflow steps together in a reliable, simple process that makes chairside production of zirconia possible, according to a press release. The pre-shaded translucent zirconium oxide is available in 10 classic VITA shades. It’s milled in an enlarged form and then densely sintered to its final size in the CEREC SpeedFire sintering furnace. The sintering process takes 10 to 15 minutes for crowns and less than 30 minutes for bridges. Glaze firing then gives the restorations a high gloss finish.

This process calls for minimal tooth reduction and leads to precise fitting restorations. Zirconia is also less expensive than alternative materials and causes less post-op sensitivity. Patients avoid messy impression materials, receive less anesthetic and no longer need to wear a temporary crown. The procedure requires fewer visits, making it more likely for patients to accept treatment with CEREC.

The CEREC Software 4.4.1 guides dentist through the process, making the workflow easy to learn. There’s no need to program the furnace; the software does this automatically.

Full contour zirconia restorations in one session

CEREC SpeedFire is the smallest and fastest sintering furnace on the market and can typically sinter a crown in 10 to 15 minutes. The advantages of full-contour zirconia can thus also be used for chairside treatment.

Materials: Dentsply Sirona ceramic block materials such as CEREC Tessera, CEREC Zirconia, Celtra Duo, CEREC Bloc C and PC as well as partner materials IPS e.max CAD (Ivoclar Vivadent), VITA SUPRINITY PC (VITA Zahnfabrik), Chairside Zirconia (3M Dental), KATANA Zirconia (Kuraray Noritake Dental) or the Initial LiSi Block (GC).

CEREC SpeedFire Features

LED Status Indication

Different colors indicate current status of process

Induction Technology

Superfast heating cycles


Intuitive operation

Intelligent Connectivity

The CEREC software sends an order with all necessary information to the furnace

SuperSpeed Chamber

Carries up to 3 single crowns or one 3-unit bridge (max. length of 31 mm sintered)
Speed sintering of full-contour zirconium dioxide in one session
Pre-drying program
– Even wet-milled Zirconia restorations can be processed in one session
Maximum Sintering Temperature: 1600°C
Speed Glaze Process
– Fastest Glazing process in less than 9 minutes
High heating rates (max. 300 °C/min)


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