Biolase Diolase 10 Diode Laser

$ 2.015

Meet the Diolase 10 from Biolase, a world leader in dental and medical laser technology. Pain therapy in the palm of your hand

Biolase Diolase 10 Diode Laser

Boosts Your Business
Lasers attract new patients and increase your referrals
Self-procured income helps counteract the uncertainty of insurance reimbursement
5-year financing offers reasonable monthly payments
Section 179 provides additional tax incentives.

* Simple To Use
* Intuitive touch-screen interface
* Award-winning ergonomic design
* Truly portable with a battery-powered option
* One-button pre-sets simplify treatments and increase user confidence
* Comprehensive education and training through the world’s leading laser education organization, the WCLI  

Comes with:
* Biolase Diolase 10 Console
* Delivery System (One Deep Tissue Handpiece, one Fiber Assembly attached to the console)
* User Instructions
* 3 pairs of laser safety glasses
* Footswitch with cord
* Power supply with cord
* Disposable handpiece covers
* Remote interlock assembly
* Peel-off display covers
* Laser Safety Sign

Diolase 10 demonstrates the significant value and broad potential of the BIOLASE laser intellectual property portfolio and added, “While dentistry remains our core thrust, a key part of our growth strategy is to continue to broaden the use of our laser products to a variety of health care and therapeutic markets outside of dentistry. The Diolase 10 is an important example of that effort. BIOLASE is also well versed in establishing relationships with industry leading practitioners, and the technology platform for Diolase 10 and ezlase is being used by leaders in the dentistry and pain management fields for a wide range of patients.”


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