Alma Pixel CO2 for ENT – Surgical Procedures

$ 15.790

The Power of Precision

Supporting a wide variety of applications, accessories and surgical tools, and adaptable to most surgical microscopes , Alma Pixel CO2  optimizes treatment results and opens the door to new possibilities in minimally invasive surgical care.

  • Precise surgery
  • Bloodless dissection
  • Minimal instrumentation
  • Char-Free precise Scanner ablation
  • Quicker recovery & less pain
  • Minimal damage to adjacent normal tissues


The Alma Pixel CO2  surgical laser brings unparalleled precision and innovation to the fields of surgical otolaryngology and oral surgery. Alma’s CO2 laser offers the ability to perform minimally invasive, highly precise surgery suitable for a wide range of treatments for conditions of the ear, nose and throat as well as of the oral cavity.

tr-icon01 ENT- Ear Nose Throat
tr-icon01 Oral Surgery
tr-icon01 Nasal, Endonasal & Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
tr-icon01 Head & Neck
tr-icon01 Laryngeal Microsurgery
tr-icon01 Otology


Alma Pixel CO2 

The Alma Surgical Pixel CO2  system features advanced computerized precision CO2  laser technology for ENT and oral surgical applications. Using light energy emitted by a carbon dioxide laser, the Pixel CO2  laser achieves char-free tissue ablation, vaporization, incision, excision and coagulation of soft tissue. With layer-by-layer ablation and variable depth penetration, the system offers high surgical precision and treatment control, maximizing treatment efficiency and minimizing tissue damage.
Supporting Pixel CO2 laser accessories and scanning devices extend surgical performance and flexibility, allowing surgeons to access and treat complex, delicate anatomical structures.

Smart, User-friendly interface

The Alma Pixel CO2  is designed with smart, user-friendly features and quick set-up capabilities. A touch screen LCD display provides step-by-step operating instructions and indicates correct accessories and scanning patterns for each treatment objective. The system optimizes procedures by offering pre-set operation and laser delivery parameters and allows users to configure custom parameters and patterns of injury (ablative vs. fractional ablative) for specific indications. These settings may also be saved for future procedures.

Cut & Coagulate with Perfect Control

The CO2  laser is well-known for its versatility and safety benefits in surgical applications due to its precise depth of penetration, reduced lateral thermal effect, and excellent coagulation effect. Harnessing these benefits for the treatment of delicate areas, Alma Pixel CO2  combines cutting and coagulation into a single setting. The two modes work synergistically, allowing physicians to perform both actions without having to switch accessories during procedures. In “cut” (ablation) mode, the pulse emits high peak power, causing immediate ablation of tissue up to the epidermis-dermis junction. In “coagulation” (thermal) mode, the pulse emits modest power and longer pulse duration, conducting heat beyond the epidermis-dermis junction, causing blood vessels and tissue to shrink. This dual action pulse allows surgeons to achieve optimal results with faster treatment times, minimal bleeding and reduced patient downtime. Surgeons may select from two modes of laser delivery, depending on the procedure.
Repeat Mode (default): produces short pulses of high laser energy. This mode is effective for cutting and vaporizing tissue.
Pulse Mode (single pulse): produces a single pulse of laser energy, for slower, more supervised energy delivery.

Flexible CO2  Fibers:

Alma Pixel CO2  features flexible laser fibers for maximum
versatility, durability and performance. The fibers’ flexibility
allows surgeons to easily access difficult-to-reach anatomy
while an aiming beam offers maximum visualization. High
energy transmission along the flexible laser fiber allows
surgeons to treats tissue faster- reducing treatment time,
while achieving superior surgical precision.


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