3Shape TRIOS MOVE Intraoral Scanning Setup

$ 7.880


The TRIOS setup for ultimate patient engagement

Available with wire or wireless, handle or pen grip.


  • Patient comfortFast, easy to use, and creates documented-accurate digital color impressions.

  • AccuracyCapable of measuring shades of teeth and adding HD photos to the 3D model.

  • HandlingAvailable with pen grip or ¬≠handle.

  • CompatibilityOpen STL data format.

  • Freedom of wireless scanningNo annoying wires. Easy battery exchange for a continuous scan experience. Three long-lasting, rechargeable batteries included. Wide variety of indications, restorative options and materials.


Touch screen

Navigate directly on the LCD touch screen, available in two sizes.

Adjustable arm

Maneuver the arm and swivel screen right where you need it.

PC included

Comes with a powerful PC, designed for fast and smooth scanning with TRIOS.


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