3Shape TRIOS MOVE Intraoral Scanner

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The TRIOS setup for ultimate patient engagement


3Shape TRIOS MOVE is the ultimate patient/dentist communication tool. Show patients their digital scans and dynamic treatment information close-up and create greater opportunities for treatment dialogue and joint decision-making. The ergonomic and lightweight design of TRIOS MOVE allows you to always position the screen in the right place and enjoy superior user experience.

3Shape spoke to more than a hundred dentists and identified their biggest problem; having the screen in the right place to show patients their teeth and the treatment needed. We used this insight to create an ergonomic solution that ensures the screen is always in the right place to engage, excite and drive treatment acceptance with patients


The brand new hardware setup placed the 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner, monitor, and PC on the lightweight, fully-adjustable, ergonomic 3Shape TRIOS MOVE. TRIOS MOVE’s mobility enables doctors to always position the screen in the right place to provide a superior experience for both dentists and patients. TRIOS MOVE is perfectly balanced and can be rolled effortlessly from operatory to operatory.

All TRIOS 3 intraoral scanners, including the new 3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless model, work seamlessly with TRIOS MOVE. The amazing TRIOS 3 scanners improve patient experience through remarkable scanning speed, and documented accuracy. Thanks to TRIOS MOVE, the digital impressions in realistic colors can easily be shown to your patients to engage and excite them about their treatment options.

3Shape TRIOS MOVE Benefits

Touch screen

Navigate directly on the LCD touch screen, available in two sizes.

Adjustable arm

Maneuver the arm and swivel screen right where you need it.

PC included

Comes with a powerful PC, designed for fast and smooth scanning with TRIOS.

3Shape TRIOS apps to give your patients insights into their dental health and proposed treatment plans.

Compare a patient’s scans between visits to monitor changes in their dental status, and identify a timely and effective care plan. Share the insights with your patient to gain acceptance for the treatment they really need.

Simply take a photo of your patient’s face, and easily create their new beautiful teeth in minutes. Share the photo-realistic image with your patient to excite them and advance treatment acceptance.

Scan your patient and show their present dentition compared to the final results of orthodontic treatment to gain case approval.

The best solution for the patient and the best satisfaction for the patient

We spoke to hundreds of dentists and discovered that they needed an easy way to get the screen positioned in the right place to share intraoral scans and images with patients. This is important, as seeing is believing and patients trust a dentist they believe in.

With this insight, TRIOS MOVE was born, allowing you to easily share your digital scans, images, and treatment plan with patients. This helps patients picture their final results and ultimately, advance case acceptance.

The new 3Shape TRIOS MOVE now places the 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, monitor and PC on the lightweight, fully-adjustable, ergonomic 3Shape TRIOS MOVE. The mobility of the 3Shape TRIOS MOVE enables doctors to always position the screen in the right place. This provides a superior experience for both the orthodontist and patient and makes it easy to share dynamic treatment information close-up with patients to advance treatment dialogue and acceptance. 3Shape TRIOS MOVE is perfectly-balanced and can be rolled effortlessly.

Professionals using the 3Shape TRIOS MOVE with TRIOS 3 Wireless additionally benefit from complete freedom of movement because there are no connecting cables between the wand and hardware.


  • 13.3″ Full HD touch LCD screen
  • Adjustable arm & swiveling screen
  • Powerful custom PC designed for scanning
  • Apps designed to excite
  • Four wheels with integrated brakes
  • The perfect size for bringing in front of a patient or when working with up close.


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